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andrewhov's Journal

26 September
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Andranik (Andrew) Hovhannisyan

DPOB 1961 - Yerevan, Armenia



2006–pres. Deputy General Manager, Synopsys Armenia CJSC (parent - Synopsys Inc., USA)
1998–2008 Managing Director, HPLA LLC (parent - HPL Inc., USA)
1997-1998 DOC Commercial Officer/Specialist, US Embassy Yerevan
1993-1996 State Dept Commercial Assistant, American Embassy, Yerevan
1992-1993 Assistant to Ambassador Harry Gilmore, and before - to Charge d'Affaires Thomas Price. US Embassy Yerevan
1990-1992 Visual Design Manager, Armsoft Ltd, Yerevan (before 1991-Arm. branch of Baltic Amadeus, a Lithuanian-Austrian JV)
1987-1992 Regional Coordinator and Advisor to the Board of Directors. Center for US-USSR Initiatives (Citizen Diplomacy),
San Francisco, CA.
1983-1990 Architect (1983), Senior Architect (1984), Lead Architect (1985), Director of Design Sector (1987), Project
Manager (1988-1990). VPEKTI architectural design and construction firm, Yerevan. 7 projects, 12 registered
research works, 2 architectural awards


1978-1983 Diploma in Architecture and Urban Planning from Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, Armenia
1978-1985 Abovian Teachers Training Institute, Armenia, Intensive Courses of English and French languages
1990 East/West Enterprise Exchange: Special Business Administration Program, York University, Toronto
1993 Sept Commercial Training Program. U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service (US&FCS Kiev)
1994 Dec Trade and Project Finance Training Program, US&FCS Washington
1994-1999 Postgraduate (Masters equivalent) Program in Architecture. Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, Armenia
1995 Apr Market Research Training Program, US&FCS Ankara
1997 Energy/Power Generation Training Program – US&FCS Madrid
1998 March Market Research Training Program, US&FCS Kiev
1999 Jan Business Association Management Training Program, CIPE, CIPE - US Chamber of Commerce, Washington, Denver
2006 Leadership Development and Management Training, Synopsys Armenia - American University of Armenia, Yerevan
2008 Aug Strategic Leadership Training – American University of Armenia, Yerevan
2010 Feb Present your Business, Negotiate and Communicate Effectively across Europe (CBI, Netherlands, held in Yerevan)


Country Commercial Guide, Armenia – US Dept of Commerce, Washington: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, & 1998 editions. (comprehensive English-language guide on doing business in Armenia)

Armenia Country Report on Economic Policy and Trade Practices – US Dept Of State reports to US Senate & US House of Representatives, Washington: 1994, 1995, 1996, & 1997 editions.

Armenia Energy Sector Profile, Guide for American Business: Energy Markets of Europe, Russia & the NIS, USDOC & USDOS, Budapest-Milan, 1997

Numerous Armenia market research studies published electronically, in hard copies and on CDs in US by USDOC, USDOS and BISNIS, and covering IT, Laser, Military, Energy, Apparel, and Aviation industries – published in the period 1992-1998.

Over 15 papers and publications in Armenia and Russia in the area of town- planning & architectural research – published in the period 1983-1989.


• Member of RA Business Support Council 2002-2006
• Member of RA IT Development & Support Council 2002-2006
• Founding and Board Member of American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia
• Armenian Architects Association membership since 1987
• USSR Honored Inventor for the year 1986 (holder of 7 patents)
• President, English Club (informal assn), Yerevan 1988-1991


• Armenian, Russian, English - fluent
• French - spoken, fair


армия, история, образование, общество, политика, работа, религия, финансы, знаменитости, литература, музыка, еда, животные, путешествия, медицина, здоровье, авто, дети, авиация, космос, наука, производство, россия, юмор, лытдыбр, напитки, архитектура, рыбалка, ссср